Yana Toyber Explores Where Photography, Femininity, and Ballet Meet

Regarded by some, as arguably one of the last remaining, beautifully conservative art forms, the ballet. With all of its trappings that surround a fruitful relationship between the emotion expressed through movement and its players, the mere conduits for this expression. They grace the stage with poised plie and saute. Examples of the commanding positions of elegant rigor, that are as demanding of contemplative admiration, as any physical artwork elevated to artistic prominence.–– William Lankford.

Nick Pourfard's Prisma Guitars Give Old Skateboards a New Career in Music

In the center of Nick Pourfard's Workshop is a stack of what looks to be well over 300 skateboard decks, all of which come from various shops and previous owners from across the country. The stress cracks, fractured lumber, and dried blood on some of the boards only intensify the finished appearance of Pourfard’s instruments, giving each piece a dominating quality with looks of affection from their maker. Down in his garage, which also serves as his workshop, Nick produces his one-of-a-kind, han

Todd DiCiurcio's Philosophical Ponderings on Art, Music, and Composition

Motion, to the naked eye in a pictorially transformative piece of work, can be transparent and sometimes taken for granted by the viewer, but yet an obvious artistic objective to its creator.  Color schemes that lend to obsessive discernment, in relation to the placement of the elements of art, is likely to become the objects of discussion in a conversation.  However, this intellectual banter was birthed through the process of someone putting brush to canvas. Todd DiCiurcio ’s process, method, a


It may seem as though the once city-living quintuple from New York, who we know as The Strokes, have been in and out of the limelight's immediacy. Not to say myself and my immediate camp included don't miss the intuitive and electrifying shows, because indeed we do. Unless you've been living on Mars, you would know that each member is engulfed in personal projects, which naturally are moving with the smooth speed of a zeppelin, not too high in the clouds that we can’t see what's going on, but ju


Throughout the ‘90s—and even today—there are only a handful of bands who actually communicate on a deeper level with their audience through a combination of musical and lyrical content. With six studio albums and a multitude of top ten singles, the multi-platinum and highly successful band, Bush, continues to do just that. The rock and roll post-grunge veterans have sold over ten million records in the U.S. alone and continue to break down musical barriers with their artistic expression, even wi

Backstage with Swedish POP sensation TOVE STYRKE

It’s a packed house at the downtown San Francisco venue Rickshaw Stop. Red curtains line the walls and the psychedelic screened backdrops with intriguing scenes from London’s swinging sixties set the tone for the room and the acts in between each set. The audience waits in anticipation for the Swedish electropop cosmopolitan Tove Styrke. Photographer Breno Aragon and I manage to make our way backstage where Tove and her team are relaxing before her performance. Drinks and conversation about inte

SOMA Magazine » Archive » Damien Rice

Although it’s been just shy of a decade since Rice’s last release, there’s much to be said for the folk singer’s hiatus. He explains, “I got to this place where I had everything I thought I wanted and I still wasn’t happy. That felt very, I guess, disheartening. So I kind of crashed.” After achieving multi-platinum success from his previous albums, Rice appeared to have lost his love for music and the connection with his fellow performers over the years. The ill-ideals of success surfaced, leavi


With a style as enigmatic as Bo Diddley and a voice as memorable as Sam Cooke, Curtis Harding’s lyrics are incandescent, drenched in the waters of soul, blues, rock and garage. These elements Harding has managed to effortlessly harness for his debut album entitled, Soul Power. Harding’s sound ignites in explosive detail, describing what it is to be on the road; the hellos and goodbyes said to fleeting objects of affection before taking yet another drive into to the familiarly unfamiliar. The At

SOMA Magazine » Archive » Ty Segall

There is a revival that is rock and roll, West Coast style: surf rock, psychedelic, neo pop with hints of heavy grunge riffs, intermingled with Bowie-like poetic tones. With labels like Burger Records and Drag City leading the way to rock’s revival, it’s no wonder that Ty Segall (a SoCal native) is leading the pack. It’s difficult to pinpoint musical movements, especially when music is so easily accessible; once downloaded and transferred onto one’s preferred MP3 player its authenticity is often